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Course Rules

United States Golf Association rules govern all play except where modified by local rules.

  • Proper golfing attire and etiquette are required at all times.

  • Expected time of play is 4 hours. Please keep up with the group in front. Slower groups are required to allow faster players to play through.

  • Please replace or fill divots with sand provided, repair ball marks and rake bunkers.

  • Please observe the 90 degree rule at all times. Keep carts on cart path around tees and greens.

  • Out of Bounds - Defined by white stakes, fences and golf course side of all roadway curbs.

  • Free relief is allowed for cart paths, marked trees and all planting beds (Rule 24-2B).

  • Water Hazards - Yellow stakes (Rule 26-1A or B).

  • Lateral Water Hazards- Red stakes (Rule 26-1A, B or C).

  • Any hole designed as cart path only due to course conditions, may be played as lift, clean and place in the fairway only.

  • Stones in bunkers may be removed by declaring them moveable obstructions (Rule 24-1).

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