RIGA Information

Quinnatisset is a member club of the Rhode Island Golf Association. This allows Quinny members to join the RIGA. By joining the RIGA, it opens up wonderful opportunities to play in the RIGA events for both men and woman members. What also makes the RIGA attractive is the furthest one will drive from Quinny is 1 1/2 hour. Please go to the RIGA websitehttp://www.rigalinks.org/club/scripts/public/public.asp?NS=PUBLIC#ad-image-1 and explore what Quinnatisset members who join the RIGA have access to.

Please note that to create a new user profile in USGA TM powered by Golf Genius, your GHIN Number must be active at an RIGA member club. Quinnatisset is a RIGA member.

 - To begin the process, go to 
User Profile Registration
 - Select 'Click Here to Register'
 - Type in your GHIN Number and Last Name
 - Click Register

RIGA Link:   http://www.rigalinks.org/club/scripts/public/public.asp?NS=PUBLIC#ad-image-0

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CSGA Information

CSGA Players Club

Quinnatisset is a member of the CSGA.

The CSGA Players Club was launched in 2007 and provides special discounts from CSGA Member Clubs throughout Connecticut.  Participating Member Clubs offer individualized programs to Players Club members.  The CSGA Players Club is open to any golfer holding a USGA handicap from a CSGA Member Club.

Discounts vary from course to course.  Some courses have special discounted rates, or offer a flat 20% off of greens fees.

In addition to providing great deals at public courses in CT, the CSGA Players Club affords members the opportunity to play some of Connecticut’s great private clubs.

The cost of the program is $10 per year.  Be sure to bring your Players Club member card and present it when taking advantage of any of these fantastic offers.

Member Clubs are constantly joining the program.  Current participants include:

Airways Golf Course

Candlewood Valley Country Club

Copper Hill Golf Club

Hawk’s Landing Country Club

Highland Golf Club

Farmington Woods Country Club

Norwich Golf Course

New London Country Club

Oak Hills Park Golf Course

Orange Hills Country Club

Pequot Golf Club

Quinnatisset Country Club

Tashua Knolls Golf Course

Timberlin Golf Club

Tumble Brook Country Club

Country Club of Waterbury

CSGA Link:      https://www.csgalinks.org/