Course Rules

United States Golf Association rules govern all play except where modified by local rules.

  • Proper golfing attire and etiquette are required at all times.
  • Expected time of play is 4 hours. Please keep up with the group in front. Slower groups are required to allow faster players to play through.
  • Please replace or fill divots with sand provided, repair ball marks and rake bunkers.
  • Please observe the 90 degree rule at all times. Keep carts on cart path around tees and greens.
  • Out of Bounds - Defined by white stakes, fences and golf course side of all roadway curbs.
  • Free relief is allowed for cart paths, marked trees and all planting beds (Rule 24-2B).
  • Water Hazards - Yellow stakes (Rule 26-1A or B).
  • Lateral Water Hazards- Red stakes (Rule 26-1A, B or C).
  • Any hole designed as cart path only due to course conditions, may be played as lift, clean and place in the fairway only.
  • Stones in bunkers may be removed by declaring them moveable obstructions (Rule 24-1).

QCC Local Rules

  • Everyone must sign in at the pro shop before teeing off.
  • Please: Divots must always be replaced. In sand traps, footprints and blast holes must always be raked. Repair your ball mark and one other.
  • Slow Play: Everyone is entitled to play at his or her own pace EXCEPT that slower players MUST give way to faster players. This is MANDATORY , not optional. Increased play dictates.
  • Ladies Day: Tuesday mornings are allotted to the ladies. The ladies have the right of way on those mornings. This does not exclude others from using the course.
  • Practicing on the course is not allowed! Please use the practice putting green or the driving range. (Balls are available on the practice range.)
  • Guest Policy:
    • No guest shall have the privilege of the golf course more than TWICE in 30 days.
    • Guests will be allowed to play without being accompanied by a member before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, Monday thru Friday excluding holidays and otherwise (June, July & August) on Mondays and Thursdays starting between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. subject to the Golf Director’s approval.
    • There will be a limit of four foursomes on any prescribed day that guests are allowed.
    • A member must contact the Pro Shop to obtain approval of the guest play prior to the guest being allowed to play.
    • If the Monday or Thursday falls on a holiday, then there will be no guest play without being accompanied by a member.
  • Anyone wishing to return to active membership from leave must request returning in writing before March 1st. All members taking a leave shall pay $460.00.
  • Guest and Pro Shop Payment Policy: Guest and pro shop charges are due and payable in 30 days, if not paid in 60 days playing privileges are suspended, if not paid in 90 days membership shall be terminated.
  • Guest Fees: $50.00 18 Holes  All Times - Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays. 
  • Riding Carts: Must be kept at least 40 feet from all greens. Avoid wet and soft areas. FOLLOW ALL cart signs. Where available carts must stay on paths.
    • Cart Rules will be strictly enforced. Daily updates on cart rules will be posted in the pro shop.
    • Violations of cart rules will result in loss of cart privileges.
    • Golf cart owners in the event of a breakdown, you are responsible for your golf cart.
    • You have 48 hours to get your cart off the golf course and back in your parking spot.
    • Please drive your golf carts with care and caution!! Drive slowly around clubhouse!! Infractions will result in loss of cart privileges.
  • Dress Code: Golfers should be properly dressed. Denim, tank tops, scripted tee-shirts and cut-offs are not allowed. Shirts and shoes must be worn. Soft spikes are mandatory. Men must wear shirts tucked in.
  • Litter: Take pride and use trash containers.
  • No play is allowed on any day before 6:00 a.m.. * NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!
  • The golf course is closed every Monday (excluding holidays) until 8:30a.m. This is to allow the safe application of chemicals.

Please repair ball marks, replace or sand divots and rake bunkers.

Pin Placements:

  •  Gold  - Back
  •  White  - Middle
  •  Red  - Front

Thank you and enjoy a great golfing season.