Course Conditions


Spring Greetings

Spring Greetings,

18 holes are open with carts at the 90-degree rule.

Weekend play will begin at 7:00 AM.

In the next week or two as the temperatures begin to cooperate; we will be able to begin to play at 6:00 AM. We will notify you when the time changes.

Frost Delays are still possible at this time of year. Please keep off all frost covered areas.

Cart Owners: The carts have been returned from storage. Please park your cart in your parking space.

2018 Tournament Schedule & High School Matches
Click the link below to view this year's tournament schedule.


Spring 2018 Newsletter

RIGA & CSGA Information

Quinnatisset is a member club of the Rhode Island Golf Association and the CSGA Players Club.  Click the link below for more information: 

/members/RIGA CSGA Information.pdf