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Members Update
Hello Everyone,

We hope this message finds you enjoying the start of 2019.

In the coming year there will be a conscious effort to increase communication from QCC. We would like to keep the membership informed of progress and news from the club.

So far the winter has been hospitable to Jeff and his crew. To date they have been able to remove roughly 40 trees between the 4th green and 5th tee. The intention is to increase air circulation and decrease the amount of shade on the 4th green. Jeff also intends to remove several more trees around the 4th green to open it up even more.

Additionally, the crew has excavated the existing drain line in front of 18 green. The drain was clearly not working and water immediately began to pour into the new trench. Jeff feels that this probably is not all of the water that was effecting the green but the new drain should make an immediate impact. His team has since installed new drainpipes including a basin that will be able to accept additional drainpipes. The trench has been backfilled with stone and will be sodded in the spring.

If the weather continues to cooperate, Jeff would like remove trees around the 16th and 17th greens. Drainage on 11 and 12 are on his "to do" list, as well as the usual brush removal and clean up projects. Jeff was good enough to provide some pictures of the projects:

Pipe in front of 18 green (2).jpg  18th Green Drainage
Trench line to the left of 18 Green (2).jpg 18th Green Drainage
Drainage Basin (2).jpg  18th Green Drainage
4 Green from 4 Fairway (2).jpg Tree Removal 4th Green
4 Green from 5 Forward tee (2).jpg Tree Removal 4th Green

A change in the weekly maintenance schedule will go into effect during the 2019 season. The delayed start day will move from Monday to Tuesday mornings. The reason for the change is twofold. The Monday Night League is traditionally the busiest weekday afternoon at the club. Larger maintenance projects such as aeration, top dressing, spraying, etc. have also taken place on Mondays. By moving those projects to Tuesday mornings, the league will have more optimal playing conditions Monday afternoon. Secondly, members that work weekends will not have play time limited by the later Monday start.

In Grounds Crew news, Matt "Ash" Levesque is currently enrolled in Winter Turf School for Turf Managers at UMass Amherst. The program is an intensive six week course attended by experienced turf managers from across New England. Kudos to Matt for his commitment to expanding his professional knowledge!

Our own Matt Desaulnier just returned from a golf trip that culminated in playing in the Sentry Tournament of Champions pro-am. The tournament is played at the beautiful Kapalua Plantation course in Hawaii. With Christian Sarantopoulos on his bag, Matt was able to give Keegan Bradley some pointers including how to birdie the 3rd hole vs. Keegan's bogey.

image1.jpeg     Matt and Christian

Do you have news you would like to share with the membership? Have you been on a unique golf trip? Have you recently achieved a professional or personal milestone? Please send any notes or pictures our way at [email protected]. We hope to enrich the sense of pride and community we have at QCC by sharing personal experiences and news.

2019 Board of Governors
- Charlie King, President
- Dan Navarro, Vice President
- Jay Johnson, Treasurer/Membership
- Paul Roy, Greens Committee
- George Tsanjoures, Planning Committee
- Tom Dziki, By-laws/Policy
- Joanne Crowley, Newsletter
- Scott Merrill, Insurance
- Paul Laskowski, Tournament Committee
- Kevin Makie, House Committee
- Dave Marshall, Communication
- Mark Brouillard

Reminder: Dues invoices went out on January 11th. Please submit payment by March 15th to avoid a late fee.

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