Course Conditions



Beginning May 12th Play will be allowed at 6:30 AM except Tuesday’s which will be 10:00 AM

Weekend groups will return to summer times.

7:00 AM – Men’s group

8:00 AM – Men’s group

9:00 AM – Mixed group

Anyone can play in these groups.  Arrive 30 minutes before to allow time for pairings.

The group times do not preclude others from playing.

We will do our best to accommodate you between the group times.

The second installment of dues will be sent in May.  To avoid a late penalty, dues must be paid by June 30th.

Please fix your ballmark and any others on greens.

We urge you to replace divots whenever possible.  Otherwise please use the sand & seed mix provided in bottles available by the clubhouse.

The second installment of membership dues is due by June 15th.

Please follow all cart rules. Cart rules are posted and available in the clubhouse.

Members are required to sign in at the golf shop before play.

We are still accepting members for the 2019 season.  If you or a golfing friend have any questions regarding membership, please call or email the golf shop.

Please help keep our club grounds liter free.  Place all trash in receptacles.  Do not discard cigar or cigarette butts on the course. 

Members can sponsor a foursome without being with them Monday through Thursday.

You must call the golf shop to arrange a foursome in advance.

Hello from Teaching Professional Rick Haldas
                                     TIME FOR A SPRING TUNE -UP

Early in the season is the best time for lessons to clear up any faults rather than continue playing and ingraining bad habits, or to take your game to the next level.

The fix is often something simple that you are not aware of, such as basic alignments or grip. It is also important to insure that your clubs are the proper fit for you.

Stop in the Pro Shop, call 860-465-9234, or email [email protected]