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Winter Notice

Happy Holidays

 December 1st

The golf course will close for the season on December 1st.   We’d like to thank everyone for their patronage during the year, but mostly “thank you for being a member”.  We expect 2020 to be a great year! We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Golf Carts

Cart owners: All private carts must be removed from the club property by December 1st. 


If you are planning a change in membership status (leave of absence, resignation or a change from single or family) please contact us as soon as possible. Please inform us of any change in your contact information. (Address, email or phone)

Tell your golfing friends we have membership openings for the 2020 season.  Call 860-928-7516 or email [email protected] with any questions.

CSGA Handicaps

Launch 2020 is a project encompassing the roll-out of the new World Handicap System and updated GHIN technology platform. The World Handicap System (WHS) aims to bring six different handicap systems together into a single set of Rules of Handicapping, enabling golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equal basis, no matter how or where they play. The new GHIN system will support the WHS and provide an improved set of administrator and golfer tools.

The CSGA has begun sending regular communications to all golfers in the GHIN system with a valid email address, as well as club officials, to explain the changes and provide instructions and guidance. In this email we begin by sharing some key dates and overview information. 

January 1 - The Rules of Handicapping under the WHS take effect across much of the world. 

January 1 through January 5 - "Old GHIN" will be unavailable while the transition to "New GHIN" takes place.  Score posting will be unavailable during this period but golfers playing in an area with an active season should hold onto their scorecards for posting once the new system is up and running.

January 6 - "New GHIN" will go live and score posting may resume. Golfer tools (, club kiosks and the mobile app) will have changed. Golfers are encouraged to download and use the new GHIN Mobile App which will be enhanced with several new features. More information on how to post scores under the new system and using the new features for tracking your game will follow.

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